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Are you a news lover? Do you care about all happenings around the globe? Do you wish to get the latest breaking news first? Because we do. Then you are at the right place.


4Beta Naija is a media/magazine company and an Educational blog, which servers as a reliable source for all happenings from around the world, Nigeria to be precise.

4beta Naija is not just a media company; As a matter of fact, it is borne out of hunger to educate and inform all Nigerians and the world in general.

4betaNaija, as the name already explains seeks for a better Country Nigeria. 4beta Naija tends to project a good reputation of the Nigerian brand and beyond as well.

We are team of teenagers with a vision for our fellow citizens both home and abroad. We intend to showcase the life they live, promote their business, project the culture they love and the faith they profess.

We are projecting Nigerians to a greater heights through our online platform.

We promote the Nigerian brand.




Ohagwu Emmanuel popularly known as Mr Hans, is the man behind the 4beta Naija. He is a young CEO of 4beta Naija madia company, a teenagers advocate, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, SEO expert, a blogger from the future and a Pharmacist in the making.

Nduaguba Marcellus

Nduaguba Marcellus is the design master of 4beta Naija. He is a web designer, certified SEO wizard, a passionate writer and is currently an Anatomist in the making.

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Team 4beta Naija

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