Why I gave housemates much wahala –Cee-C

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Cynthia ‘Cee-C’ Nwadiora seemed to have entered the Big Brother Naija house with a mission to cause trouble, or rather going by the theme of the reality show ‘Double Wahala’, to give other housemates plenty wahala.

And did she achieve her aim? Sure, she did! Ask any of the housemates, most especially, Tobi, her here today gone tomorrow lover.  But then, most people say Cee-C was just being real, she was just being herself. And that’s what kept her in the house till the end. This reporter had a brief chat with her in South Africa. Enjoy it.

What do you think did it for you, even with several evictions, you were still in the house till the end?

I don’t know what it is. I’m yet to find out. So, I’m going to Nigeria to find out what exactly I did for Nigerians that made them keep me in the house till the end of the show.

You seem to have dated Tobi towards the end of the show…

No, I didn’t. It was not love.

People say you put drama and wahala into the game. Is that true?

Yes now. It is double wahala now. You have to give them wahala.

Were you playing a game or you were yourself in the house?

I don’t know what that means. Being myself or playing a game? Whatever you guys want to think, you can think it.

What is the difference between the Cee-C in the Big Brother house and the Cee-C outside the house?

Just a little difference. The difference is outside here; you have an escape. When your head is full, you have where you can run to; you have a home.

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