UCL: Liverpool vs Man City promises to be a cracker.

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There’s every chance that Liverpool’s Champions League quarterfinal with
Manchester City will prove to be the game of the season. Usually first legs are tense and tight affairs,
with neither side wishing to cast themselves too far adrift of their opponent in case they’ve got too much to do in the second leg.

That usually applies to the opening game visitors, yet it seems anathema to everything Pep Guardiola stands for and how his teams play.

That probably suits Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool just fine. Of course City have the firepower to blow any team out of the water on their day, but that could be said of Liverpool, too. The Reds would much rather be playing at
Anfield in the second game, but it’s not an
unsolvable problem. The last time they won the European Cup, they beat Juventus at this
stage in similar circumstances.

Europe had been a no-go area for the Reds
this decade until Klopp dragged a
comparatively poor side into the 2016 Europa League final.



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