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Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s latest initiative works to improve education for women and girls
around the world. Here’s an email we just received from the Obama Foundation: Growing up, my parents always had a
clear message for me
and my brother: there
is nothing more important for your future than getting a
good education. Nothing.

Even though neither of them had a college degree, they were determined to give
us that opportunity.

And let me tell you, my education changed
everything for me – opening doors I never
could have imagined and allowing me to pursue the career of my dreams. Girls who go to school marry later, have lower rates of infant and maternal mortality, are more likely to immunize their children, and are
less likely to contract
malaria and HIV. Girls who are educated
also earn higher salaries – 10%-20% more for each additional year of secondary school. And sending more
girls to school and
into the workforce can boost an entire country’s economy.


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