She survived gangrape, went to police station – only to be raped again by a cop inside

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Not only is this depraved but it should make India really introspect about the role our ‘saviours’ play in this country – a 17-year-old gangrape survivor has alleged that after she was brought to the police station by a patrolling team, she was again raped by a cop.

Almost a year after the gangrape assault, the survivor finally found the strength to file a complaint on January 18.
“In February, after the girl was raped, a patrolling party brought her to Mango police station, where she was allegedly raped by a cop,” a source told TOI.

TOI reports that Deputy SP K N Mishra said they are investigating the cop’s involvement.
The police are expected to be a source and symbol of solace for us when we are faced with injustice. If this is the condition, it is a major cause of concern for us all.

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