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Thank you for the opportunity to share my exams success story with you!

I am Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo, First Class Hon’s BCA Graduate of Aditya Degree College Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India, of June 12th, 2017. I am currently working in Media and Publicity Company as a Customer Relationship Executive, through which I engage the B2B clients with the motive of drawing business to my host organization.

To me, I define Examination as a systematic procedure followed by various institutions, quantitatively, qualitatively and practically to draw a fine line between a number of people, “Categorically”. It is simply a way to select the brighter mind, either in ability to retain a huge number of data, “naturally,” analyze or implement logics.

Through this concept, the industry leaders agree with an initial policy of standardized common acceptance called grade such as (0-100% or 1-10 GPA or 1-4 GPA), then they follow the post course with their industrial strategic activities, which helps to finally engage a candidate in his/her best personally acclaimed qualities supported by the practical knowledge and physical implementation.

Examination is the generally accepted process to select the best student amongst a set of innovative and intelligent students, believing that everybody is intelligent in his/her own way.


First; you have to understand that you are not going to show anybody how intelligent you are, you are simply going to pour the bucket of water the very same way that you got it from the tap.

1. Study when others are Sleeping [give extra time], Research for new verticals of answer through the internet to understand the alternative wordings for each answers.

2. Read as much as you can, then you might want to ask me, what is the difference between studying and reading? Well, when you study, you must have a pen and paper, every page or paragraph you are done with, you must summarize it. This way, it will register in your mind and then you can be able to elaborate it in your own words to make 10s of pages.


3. Elaborate more; learn to watch movies and write your own script out of it.
For example: What is Agriculture?
Answer: Agriculture is simply the process of rearing animals, and
cultivating to the land to produce food either for money or to feed the
family. This is the simplest answer, but the elaborated answer includes:
 History of Agriculture
 Who is a farmer
 How to farm, types/categories of agriculture
 Benefits, advantage, disadvantage, future of agriculture etc.
Before you can be able to discuss about all the dotted highlights, then
you will make a minimum of 6 pages of creative and detailed answer.

4. Start the answer with the phrase or sentences that are from the lecturer’s
words then in the second paragraph, write your own findings, post
elaboration, then end with lecturer’s words and your general view. But
always end with a conclusion, do not write the word “Conclusion in your
answer booklet”

5. Rule your papers and make it look attractive and neat, it gives 4 marks extra
and write in the center, do not start always from the beginning of the
paragraph line.

6. Use very good handwriting, this has cost me 15 marks out of every 70 marks
I should have had after each exam.

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7. Make as much Head tags and Sub-headings as possible even if you do not
know what to write in the body, just explain the concern in your own
understanding of the wordings that makes up the question line.

8. Make your teachers your friends, if not the questions will be appearing
before you like a war front and believe me you will never score above just
pass mark.

9. For Maths, just remember the first few teachers illustration [cram/by heart it]
then end with the correct answer or make sure you include as much lines of
expression if you cannot or that you are not really sure of the answer.

10. Be confident in answering your questions. Write the once you know first and present them well.

11. Watch time by practicing the past exam questions paper at home. Answer them prior to
exams day, discuss with your classmate until it becomes a “GOSSIP or
GRAVE-VINE”. This way, you will remember the alternative of each word
if you forget the original or initial right lecture wordings.

12. Write the exam like a boss and do not depend on exam malpractice, it will
fail you and then, it was your only hope. Because once caught it is followed
by the big bad name and disgrace.

When I wrote the most challenging exams, I always prayed but prayer can only
help you to remember what you had in your head. “No Magic!” so you must put
something upstairs so that you can remember them when the time comes. My
teachers were my best friends, I studied all day, all night long, so I can succeed and
it all paid back with good grades.

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Share with your friends.   Best Regards, Cheers Guys!…

Chidiebere Moses

First Class Hon’s BCA.

Aditya Degree College Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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