Exam Hints; How To Study.

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There is a difference between studying to pass an examination and studying to learn, likewise reading and studying. The discrepancies of the latter put students in a state of dilemma and frustration, often leading to low performances, grade and even drop in academic interest. This puzzles lingers as the following questions arises;

Yes, it’s true you should pass your exams. But what becomes of the student after the exams?

  • Do you find it difficult to prepare for subsequent examinations?
  • Do you study and never understand?
  • Do you study and still forgets everything?
  • Do you feel reluctant, weak and lazy to study?
  • Do you study and still cannot express yourself?
  • Do you feel nervous and tense before and after examination?

The following tips/hints provides you with the answers and resolutions to the above problems.

  1. Set your goals right and go for them ~ it keeps you focus and in your time.
    Setting your goals right is very important as the the foundation of the things you hope to achieve. They give the broader view and insight, having said that its necessary for these goals to be relational and in order of priority. As such the goals determinant habits becomes a key tools of concern to be developed. They include;
  2. Pay a reasonable attention to your instructors/teachers.
  3. Find out your convenient time for studying.
  4. Choose your convenient location for your study.
  5. Follow your syllabus sequentially.
  6. Always evaluate and flip through your day’s work or activities at the end of each day ~ it eases your understanding and comprehension.
  7. Get involved in discussions about your field of study. ~ it boosts your learning ability.
  8. Teach others ~ it increases your confidence and remembrance.
  9. Study other books outside your field of study. ~ it broadens your understanding and adventure.
  10. Study with past question papers. ~ it’s an examination cracker.
  11. Ask questions and seek answers where necessary. ~ it increases your enthusiasm.
  12. Always observe some moments of personal tranquility and self-reflection. ~it enables you connect your subject, with your present environment and forecast the future.
  13. When stressed up feel free to find solace in motivational, games, listening to songs etc.~ It reactivates and energizes your mind.

→ Stay around people who talk you into your goals.

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