A Bike Rider Was rescued from Death in Delta state

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Bike rider rescued after overdosing on tramadol

A bike rider has been snatched from the claws of death after overdosing on tramadol, yesterday, along Ogodo road, Sapele, Delta State.

TRAMADOL is a narcotic analgesic drug which is used to relief the body of pain and inflammation. it is not an OTC drug because it is of opioid class and can be abused.

According to our reporter, the man was conveying two passengers when he was hitted the by the overdose effect of the drug and he fell off the bike. He was, however, overpowered when he started acting up. This was believed to be as a result of CNS depression which leads to CNS malfunction.

Many people gathered at the scene almost immediately. Two men from the mass went to a near by store and came out with some sugar. Some amount of sugar was said to have been forced into his mouth, he was then showered with water. Shortly after, he was stabilised. He was later taken to the hospital for further treatment.

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