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Know What You Wish For


It has been trending for some time now about Davido  giving his girlfriend 45 million Naira Porshe as a birthday gift. Opinions seem divided whether this is a good development or not. Some ladies prayer point have now changed to “oh Lord give me my own Davido”. According to Davido this is the main girlfriend, the others he has been with were just for fun.

I have few words for the girls looking for their own Davido, be careful what you wish for yourself. You cannot devalue yourself and still want to be respected, loved and valued. You deserve better, do not settle for less because of money. You can still make that money yourself and be richer than that person that is belittling you. How can you be with someone that is flirting around, sleeping around and be breeding children with baby mamas everywhere. You deserve to be the one and only. You cannot stoop so low to be sharing your man with side chicks, baby mamas and the likes.

What has happened to your sense of value? Sorry to be sounding this way. You deserve to be the wife and not a permanent girlfriend. A man should be eager and impatient to put a ring on your finger and not to convert you to a baby mama.

45 Million Naira Porshe, doesn’t guarantee happiness, many are living in expensive mansions but are crying every day, where is the man that built them the mansion? He is somewhere frolicking with daughters of Jezebel. Money does not equal happiness, especially when it comes this way. You can be richer than Davido, who said you cannot be. You can receive a life-changing gift but not the one that comes to the detriment of your value as a human.

Finally may I remind you that you are beautiful and you are wonderfully and fearfully made by God, let no one deceive. You deserve true love, your assurance is secured. Remember fornication is still a sin; do not give your body to a man all in the name of proving your love. You hear?

Just know that mcn loves you, stay blessed, see you at the top.

mcn cares.


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