No way Antonio conte is going to Arsenal

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The Italian is expected to change clubs after the season ends but he won’t be going to the Emirates, argues Chelsea-news’ Will Faulks.

“Today’s selection of laughable rumours include one in the Daily Star that makes the bold claim that Antonio Conte will be the man to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. It really only takes 30 second of thinking to work out why this is rubbish.

“Why is Conte leaving Chelsea? There are a number of reasons, but ultimately it comes down to a conflict with the board over their strategy. They want to spend less money, he wants to spend more.

“So what would happen at Arsenal? The exact same thing. If anything, the Gunners spend less than Chelsea.

Conte will have a wide selection of Champions League clubs to choose from this summer, many of them with significantly better squads than Arsenal. The last thing he’s going to do is make move that could be considered sideways – or even a step down – from Stamford Bridge. Arsenal will be competing with Chelsea for managers this summer, but Conte won’t be on either list.”

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